[00:00.00]人人听力网(rrting.com)A:Three_five_one _four_one_two_zero
[00:08.62]A:Hello.This is the SBC Corporation.May I help you?
[00:13.79]B:Hello,This is Mr.Green speaking.
[00:17.08]A:Good morning.SBC Corporation.May I help you?
[00:22.10]B:Could you please give me the international division.
[00:26.80]A:Hold on a minute,please.
[00:29.05]B:Can you please connect me with the export department?
[00:33.07]A:Hold the line a moment,I'll connect you.
[00:37.28]May I speak to.Mr.Chen please?
[00:40.02]A:I'll connect you to him.
[00:42.81]B:Would you please transfer me to the production department?
[00:46.60]A:I'll put you through.
[00:48.54]I'll ring him for you.
[00:50.78]I'll get him for you .
[00:53.39]Just a moment,please.
[00:55.82]Just a second,please.
[00:58.12]One moment,please.
[01:00.19]Who's calling,please?
[01:02.35]May I ask who's calling?
[01:04.78]May I tell him who's calling?
[01:07.34]May I let him know who's calling?
[01:10.19]May I have your name,please?
[01:12.67]I can't hear you very well.Please speak a little louder.
[01:17.43]Please speak a little more slowly.
[01:20.72]May I have your name again,please.
[01:24.27]This is Mitchell Gallagher.
[01:27.30]I'm sorry,could you repeat that,please?
[01:30.59]I beg you pardon.
[01:32.71]I'm sorry,we seem to have a bad connection.
[01:36.86]Could you spell your name,please?
[01:39.60]Could you please tell me how your name is spelled?
[01:43.68]How do you spell you name,please?
[01:46.48]That's J_O_V_A_N_O_I_C_H,Jovanovich.
[01:56.43]J_O_V_A_N_O_V_I_C_H,I've got it .Thank you.
[02:05.52]A:What can I do for you,Mr.Brown?
[02:08.13]B:Could I have the order department,please?
[02:10.93]A:Who do you wish to speak to,sir?
[02:13.54]B:I'd like to speak to the department manager,please.
[02:16.57]A:That would be Mr.Lin.
[02:19.00]B:May I speak to Mr.Xu?
[02:21.43]A:Can I ask what you're calling in reference to ?
[02:24.77]B:Can I tell him what it's in reference to ?
[02:28.98]What number have you dialed?
[02:31.64]I'm afraid you've dialed the wrong number.
[02:34.75]There's no one here by that name.
[02:38.04]I'm sorry,he's tied up at the moment.
[02:41.33]I'm sorry,he's busy at the moment.
[02:44.99]I'm sorry,he's not available at the moment.
[02:49.14]I'm sorry,he can't come to the phone at the moment.
[02:53.35]A:I'm sorry,he's not at his desk.
[02:56.51]B:Could you tell him to call me back as soon as possible?
[03:00.58]A:I'm sorry,he's away from his desk.
[03:04.19]B:Will you ask him to call me back in about an hour?
[03:07.22]A:I'm sorry,he just walked away from his desk.
[03:11.48]A:I'm sorry,he's not in at the moment.
[03:14.77]B:May I leave a message?
[03:16.34]A:I'm sorry,he's our of the office now.
[03:19.50]B:Please leave a message that I called.
[03:22.11]A:I'm sorry he's away from the office.
[03:25.22]I'm sorry,he's not in the office now.
[03:30.16]I'm sorry,he's just left.
[03:33.39]I'm sorry,he hasn't come to the office yet.
[03:36.92]I'm sorry,he's out of town now.
[03:39.66]I'm sorry,he's out of town on a business trip.
[03:44.00]I'm sorry,he's out of town for a few days.
[03:48.44]I'm sorry,he has someone with him right now.
[03:51.97]I'm sorry,he has a visitor right now.
[03:55.76]I'm sorry,he has someone in his office right now.
[04:00.88]I'm sorry,he's giving an interview now.
[04:05.03]I'm sorry,he's in a meeting now.
[04:08.69]I'm sorry,he's in conference now.
[04:12.34]I'm sorry,he's on another line at the moment.
[04:15.90]I'm sorry,he's on the plone at the monent.
[04:19.63]I'm sorry,his line is busy at the moment.
[04:24.20]I'm sorry,he's gone home for the day.
[04:27.76]I'm sorry,he's out for the rest of the day.
[04:31.49]B:This is Mr.Agnelli.Would you put me through to Mr.Lou,please?
[04:38.18]A:I'm sorry,he's out at the moment,Would you like to talk to someone else in the same section?
[04:44.63]I'm sorry,but he is not at his desk now.Won't anyone else do?
[04:49.59]B:May I speak to Mr.Chen,please?
[04:52.70]A:Mr.Chen is in conference right now.Would you like to speak with Mr.Xu?
[04:58.55]Mr.Liu is not here at the moment.Can Mr.Chang help you?
[05:03.41]Mr.Lin is out right now.But Mr.Wang is handling his calls.
[05:09.60]Mr.Fan is not here at the moment.Mr.Li might be able to help you.
[05:15.66]B:I'm calling in reference to the shipment.
[05:18.72]A:Let me transfer this call to the man in charge.
[05:22.87]A:He's at our other office,so you might try to catch him there.
[05:27.50]B:Can I have that number?
[05:29.64]A:Certainly.It's 814_4345.
[05:34.71]B:He's at our other office.Could you call him there?
[05:38.65]A:He's at our other office.Would you mind calling him there?
[05:43.22]He's out of the office now,he should be back after lunch.
[05:48.03]He's not here,but he should be back at any moment.
[05:53.36]He's not in right now,but I expect him back any moment.
[05:58.84]He's not here,but I expect him back by 3 o'clock.
[06:03.42]He's not here now,but he should be back very soon.
[06:08.38]He's not here.He said he'd be back by 2.
[06:12.79]B:I really need to speak to him now...
[06:15.80]A:I see.I'll have him call you as soon as he calls in.
[06:20.06]A:I'll have him call you as soon as he's back.
[06:23.48]B:Yes,please.My phone number is 814_4345.
[06:31.65]A:I see.Thank you for calling,Mr.Benjamin.
[06:35.39]A:I'm sorry,he's tied up at the moment.Shall I have him call you when he's available?
[06:40.98]B:I'm not good at English,so I will have someone who speaks it better call you back.
[06:49.05]A:I really need to speak with him now...
[06:52.00]B:I see.I'll try to contact him.May I have your phone number,please?
[06:59.19]A:Could you call back in 10 minutes?
[07:02.19]B:Could you call again in 30 minutes?
[07:05.27]A:Could you get back to me in an hour?
[07:08.49]B:Would you mind calling back around 4 o'clock?
[07:11.91]A:Just a moment,please.I'm afraid he's not here now.Shall I take a message?
[07:17.34]B:No,thank you.Just tell him I called.
[07:20.24]A:I'm afraid he's out.Is there any message?
[07:23.35]B:I see.This is rather urgent,so I'd appreciate it if he'd call me back immediately.
[07:30.85]I'm sorry,Mr.Chen is out.Can I take a message?
[07:35.58]B:Please tell him to call me back as soon as he gets in.
[07:39.31]A:Can I tell him why you're calling?
[07:41.90]B:Is there anything you'd like me to tell him?
[07:44.95]A:Would you like to leave a message?


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