1. I would like to talk to Mr. Liao.

2. May I speak to Mr. Johnson please?

3. May I speak to your boss?

4. Is there anyone who can speak English?

5. Give me someone who can speak English.

6. I would like to talk to someone in charge.

7. I would like to talk to your chief.

8. Let me talk to Mr. Wang.

9. Can I speak to Mr. Lee?

10. When is he expected to be back?

11. ( not available in the tape)

12. Can you tell me what time Mr. Chen will be back?

13. Who is this pls?

14. Who is calling pls?

15. May I have your name?

16. Whom are you calling?

17. Will you pls spell his name for me?

18. Pls say it again.

19. Will you pls repeat it?

20. Will you speak a little louder?

21. Will you speak up pls?

22. Will you speak more slowly?

23. Mr. Wang is not in now.

24. He is not in now.

25. He has not come in yet.

26. he would be here in 30 minutes.

27. He has gone home.

28. He has left already.

29. He is attending a conference now.

30. He is in conference.

31. May I take your message?

32. May I have him call you back?

33. I'm sorry Mr. Chen is unavailable.Would you like to speak to anyone else?

34. I will transfer this call to Mr.Chen.

35. Would you hold the line pls? I would find out his number for you.

36. I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

37. His extention number is 285.

38. He is speaking on another phone.

39. Would you pls take a message?

40. Would you like to leave any message?

41. I would like to place a station-to-station call.

42. I would like to place a person-to-person call.

43. I don't how to do that.

44. Will you accept the charge?

45. Where is the telephone office?

46. Is there a public phone near here?

47. Do you have a coin for the phone?

48. How do I call this number?

49. Do you have a phonebook directory?

50. I would like to make a long distance call to Taipei.

51. I want to make an overseas call to Taipei

52. I want to make an overseas call to the United States.

How much is the call to the United States.

53. Will you pls call me back?

54. May I use your telephone?

55. Someone is using the phone.

56. Do you have an extension?

57. We don't have an extension.

58. There is a phonebook in the corner.

59. It is a pay phone.

60. Whom do you want to call?

61. I want to make a local call.

62. What is the number?

63. I don't know the phone number.

64. Call Information for the number.

65. The phone seems to be out of order.

66. I try several times to call, but there is no answer.

67. I am going to dial the number.

68. This telephone is ringing.

69. No one is answering the phone.

70. My friend phoned me at 10am yesterday.

71. The phone is busy.

72. Sorry to have kept you waiting.

73. Who do you want to speak to?

74. What number are you calling?

75. Operator, you give me a wrong number.

76. Where are you calling from?

77. I am calling from a public phone.

78. Contact me by telephone.

79. I will be in btw 6 and 8.

80. I will be here all night.

81. All right, I will be waiting for you.
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