Module 5复习单


go-went              see-saw看见            take-took  需要花费

eat-ate              have-had 有,度过         buy-bought

wear-wore穿,戴     fall-fell  掉下,摔倒       hurt-hurt 使疼痛,使受伤

trip 出行,旅行         fifty五十        minute分钟       top顶部

mountain            plant植物      ice        candy(candies) 糖果        

go on a trip  去旅行                 climb to the top爬到顶部      

have a good time过得愉快           a picture of … 一张……的照片

go skating 去滑冰                   wear warm clothes穿暖和的衣服

at first起初,开始时                 a lot 在很大程度上     

fall over摔倒,跌倒                   be able to能够


We went to the Great Wall.                  我们去了长城。

It took us fifty minutes to climb to the top.      我们爬到山顶用了50分钟。

We saw lots of mountains.                   我们看到了许多山。

We saw some beautiful plants.               我们看到了一些漂亮的植物。

We ate candies.                            我们吃了(一些)糖果。

We bought you a present.                   我们给你买了一个礼物。

It’s a picture of the Great Wall.               是一张长城的图片。

We had a good time.                        我们玩得很开心。

A pig went skating!                         一头猪去滑冰了!

Yesterday, we went on a school trip.           昨天,我们去了学校组织的旅行。

We went skating. I wore warm clothes. The ice was very cold.


At first, I fell over. But it didn’t hurt a lot. Then I was able to skate. It was easy! And I didn’t fall over again. It was really fun!


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